Friday, November 11, 2011

poor little dead bird

Story time. Although since this is my first post with a story, I think I need to do some character introductions, seeing as I'm suuuuure there will be many stories to come... 

I live with an incredible family in Waco. Let me introduce you. (If don’t already know them, that is)
Jimmy is a wise, influential, humble father/man of God. He is filled with incredible obedience to Jesus and has the kind of adventurous stories that everyone wants to have but that not everyone can handle. And he always has the best/wisest answer to everything. And I mean everything.
Laura is absolutely full of life and wisdom and joy. She is inherently nurturing and attentive and loves people so well. She is thoughtful and spunky and there is just never a dull moment with her!
Abby and Lauren, college age daughters and both dear dear friends live across town. It’s the best when they come home. I wish they lived here all the time!
Caleb, high school senior is ridiculously amazing. Athletic, smart, disciplined, mature and quite hilarious. He is going to change the world, no doubt.
Daniel, 7th grader has got to be one of the smartest people in the world. Observant, intelligent, profound and knows the coolest animal facts I’ve ever heard. Someday, I’m going to go to him when I have questions about life because he will have ridiculously deep answers. 

Anyways. So last week was Laura’s birthday. After she had dropped a few hints about wanting birds, the family decided that would be a great birthday present. After findng quite a deal on a cage and everything else you could possibly need for a bird on craig’s list (..and why was this person getting rid of these things??)  they picked out two little finches, later named Fred and Esther. They look(ed) like cute little song birds.

No one was quite sure what to feed them, or really, what to do with them at all after the first 5 minutes. Do we put them by a window? Do they need water? Will there be a draft from the door? Will they fly away if we open the cage? The girls were told by the kind pet store owner that if the birds got sick or died in the next few days, we could bring them back and get new ones. That doesn’t seem to offer a lot of hope for longevity of life now does it? But, needless to say, the undertaking of caring for birds began with a bit of hesitation and skepticism. But it sounded fun so... why not!? :)

And..a mere 3 days later.. we have a dead bird on our hands.

(sorry for the graphic picture.. but I couldn't help it  :) 

Poor Esther. We heard a constant bird call for an hour before someone examined the cage close enough to notice the upside-down bird in the food container. Oops...

But don’t worry, Jimmy put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, right next to the Tupperware of salsa for safekeeping. We were sure to show all of the guests that came over in the next 24 hours we had a bird in a bag in the fridge. Not quite so normal. But hilarious.

Poor little dead bird. 
Life is so entertaining. 

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