Wednesday, November 9, 2011

you are welcome here

Hello lovely people.

Nice to meet you (or whatever the proper term is for this semi-one-sided-conversation-via-my-blog). I’m glad you’re here!

Blogs seem to have a multitude of purposes, reasons, inspirations,etc., and I very well fit inside the ambiguous mold of not really having a defined purpose.  So, maybe that is outside the mold, or whatever.

What is intriguing to me about the idea of blogging is having a place to collaborate ideas, thoughts, ponderings, photographs, revelations and stories. Recording things strikes me as an important concept, recalling the things that God has done or taught me are powerful testimonies of my life that I don’t want to lose sight of, ever. I want to share them, actually! In the fashion that others inspire me, I want to join the movement and pass it along to you!

So here it is. My blog. My name is Carolynn Amy and I live in the wonderful city of Waco, Texas. I studied art at Baylor and am a Jewelry Artisan for the most amazing jewelry designer in the world, Summer Ellis ( We have our little studio in a marvelous old white building downtown with thick marble and peeling paint and really cool doors. I love Jesus with all my heart and God has done radical things in my life. The Holy Spirit is my best friend and I believe the local church is the hope of the world. I love adventures and spontaneous things, love football games and the salted caramel on the whipped cream of Starbucks drinks is my favourite. I have the best friends in the whole world, the kind that will bring me a chili dog in the middle of the night just to make me smile. (yes, chili dogs. I love them, strangely so). I live with an amazing family here in Waco in a house covered in the peace of God. I like the idea of organizing more than I like actually doing it, I say yes to far too many things far too frequently and tend to doubt myself about silly things. I love fresh air blowing through open windows and art in just about every form. I tend to have so many inspirations and ideas in my head at all hours of the day that I usually don’t know what to do with any of it. 
Something I heard Max Lucado say last week in Elevate (a discipleship training school I’m currently in) is that through writing, you go places you will never go otherwise! I want to go! I want to just…WRITE! I see it as a way to focus, organize, develop and recognize things I may not otherwise. I find I put my best thoughts into writing. And perhaps by trying to communicate them with you, I will actually learn them myself :)

So in an effort to mesh and blend lessons and things from home, the studio, the Lord, spontaneous experiences and simple mind tangents I take throughout the day, it will be a miracle if I make sense at all! If I was into corny phrases, I would call this “things God is doing or teaching me” but that is just too predictable for a creatively bent person like myself, right? Funny how we expect creative people to always have a unique or “out-of-the-box” idea. False. It just doesn’t work that way! The truth is, creative ideas are still a stretch for creative people. I promise. 

I want to recount the marvelous and rich moments held in each precious day. I want to take notice of the big and the small things, reveling in the goodness and Sovereignty of God.

Therefore, I will call this, miraculous things. So welcome, dear one! I’d love to know you back!

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